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REAL PLAST is India's premier UPVC furniture brand in the home and institutional categories, with a strong commitment to sustainability and design, manufacturing, and retail centres of excellence.

" REAL PLAST " offers high-quality, unique patterns, and a wide range of options. Since their introduction to the market, the products have gained a lot of traction among domestic consumers and distributors. Real plast aims to transform spaces with its thoughtfully designed furniture to create brighter homes and offices with products that have the highest design quotient in aesthetics, functionality, and technology, led by the country's largest in-house design team in the upvc furniture category and awarded by " GUJARAT CHIEF MINISTER TO BEST UPVC MODULAR FURNITURE " Awards to date.

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Real Plast

Experience True Luxury of Furniture

Real Plast
Real Plast
Real Plast
Real Plast

(Translated by Google) The best material for home and furniture is to save a considerable amount of money on a budget. (Original) Ghar na furniture mate best material che je ghanu saru ane budget ma pan aave che ane ssathe sathe tree bachave che

Mahesh Patel

Real Plast has Given me a great Experience in Modular PVC Furniture..And I like it Bcoz of Termite proof Specifically

hirak bhavsar

Good matriyal nice finishing work and best

Mahendre Bhati

My furniture show room in ahmedabad last 7 years i use real plast materil for modular kitchen and furniture i and my all customers are stisfied with real plast quality

kavya patel

Pvc Furniture to REAL Nu j.....

mahesh bhalerao

Excellent work experience with Real Plast team. and hope for the best for years to come.

Pinkesh Patel

Real plast farnicher is best itans

dinesh patel

Next generation furniture materials For modualar kitchen Save environment products

mihir Malpur

Quality Product Real Gold Material used at my home It's strenth is very high , and also color shades and finishing is superb If u want to furnish your home than go with real plast brand

Bharat Patel

I am working in last then 5 to 6 years... that company is very good work in save Environment, Eco friendly and modular kitchen customers budget friendly product

Save Environment

We believe in environmental preservation and care, as evidenced by the manner we design and manufacture our products. From the raw materials to the design process, everything is environmentally friendly.

This provides a purposeful focus on environmentally friendly company strategies such as energy conservation, the use of sustainable components, and resource conservation. Because the stabilisers used to make UPVC profiles are non-toxic, they do not cause any harm when utilised in human environments. We start with recycled and lead-free UPVC, which is then melted and extruded into a continuous profile. The trash generated during our production process is disposed of in proper ways, ensuring that no pollution of water or land occurs.

We are very aware of our trash and actively seek for opportunities to reduce, recycle, and reuse. We form bonds not only with people but also with our surroundings.

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Real Plast
Real Plast

Wood is a priceless gift from Mother Nature. We consume the roots of trees that our forebears planted years ago. Do we, on the other hand, consider the future generation? No, the answer is no. Because the practise of planting trees has nearly ceased and has become non-mandatory in recent decades. This has resulted in a significant loss of green cover on the planet.

Today, we have two choices: enormous tree planting or switching to wood substitute products. The first option is more significant, but it will take years to complete; nevertheless, the second option is right in front of us, and we can begin using it right now.

As a result, we've introduced upvc items as a very effective wood substitute for a variety of applications. The usage of upvc allows for recycling, which can save multiple trees in a single life cycle.

So, instead of using natural wood, start using upvc. After all, we must consider our children's future.

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