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Wood is a priceless gift from Mother Nature. We consume the roots of trees that our forebears planted years ago. Do we, on the other hand, consider the future generation? No, the answer is no. Because the practise of planting trees has nearly ceased and has become non-mandatory in recent decades. This has resulted in a significant loss of green cover on the planet.

Today, we have two choices: enormous tree planting or switching to wood substitute products. The first option is more significant, but it will take years to complete; nevertheless, the second option is right in front of us, and we can begin using it right now.

As a result, we've introduced upvc items as a very effective wood substitute for a variety of applications. The usage of upvc allows for recycling, which can save multiple trees in a single life cycle.

So, instead of using natural wood, start using upvc. After all, we must consider our children's future.

Real Plast

Our Strength

Our people, our focus, our innovative ideas, and our global presence are our greatest assets. They work together to make Real Plast the industry leader in UPVC furniture it is today.

They are our most valuable resource. What makes you think they aren't? They bring a plethora of expertise, experience, and, most importantly, unshakable passion to the table. Without them, we would not have made it this far.

To make a positive difference in our customers' lives by constantly questioning conventions and inventing to provide useful products and services.

We have made it our mission to provide solutions for 'ALL' so that it can contribute to the progress of not only the nation, but also the individuals who make up the nation, regardless of social or economic status. When we go forward on the path of progress, millions of people follow suit.

We put our faith in each other as a team to take ownership of each assignment and complete it with zeal and conviction. We maintain connected to our customers—the people we work for—by working with honesty and transparency.

'Active Thinking' is deeply engrained in all of us — whether it's in our people, processes, or goods, it all shines through, regardless of the market.

We've been able to improve our innovation and generate more practical, profitable products and solutions for our target markets thanks to 'Active Thinking.'

Led by the highly motivated and experienced leadership team, the Real Plast group’s capabilities are explored through an innovation driver approach which makes us successful in all the segments where we operate.

We focus on helping our clients do better at their business with our innovative range of products and solutions.

Every individual has complete freedom to learn, become involved in the area of his/her choice and is given a platform to share and develop his/ her ideas. Position or hierarchies never come in the way of innovation. It is only through such freedom that we continue to add value to the lives of our customers.

To achieve excellence we practice excellence at every step. With every solution we create, it is our endeavor to maximize its potential in terms of quality and reach.